Ciao! (that Italian for hello! I know what you'r thinking... pretty worldly guy right off the bat huh). My name is Matt Ogle and I'm a designer. At the moment I reside in Bellingham Washington and attend Western Washington University. I love being creative and turning my own and others visual ideas into realities. lucky for me there is a major for that and I'm in it! I am currently a senior in the graphic department on track to graduate this June. I am eager for work in the branding, marketing, web, and packaging world ( knows greetings in other languages and has mad skills in multiple fields of design?! Is this guy some kind of full grown baby genius?!) In my spare time I love making music and maintaining a social life. I have a great group of creative friends that also enjoy collaborating and creating. other than that I like tea and coffee, old backpacks, and synthesizers. BOOM! Now you know me. lets get to work!